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Disclosure Engagement Letter

To my valued client,

As a member of various professional associations, I abide by a strict code of professional ethics.  This code requires me to set out the terms of my engagement to provide financial planning advice, including financial divorce counselling, to you in this letter, which I will ask you to sign and return to me.  You have expressed interest in certain components of financial planning, specifically in the areas checked below:

□  Tax planning                                        □  Retirement planning                          □  Separation and divorce
□  Insurance and risk analysis               □  Estate Planning                                   □  Senior citizen issues
□  Cash flow budgeting                          □  Investment portfolio analysis          □  Other___________________

If you require a full financial plan, a more detailed letter will be provided setting out the specific terms of our arrangement.  Generally, my process includes defining the terms of our relationship, identifying your goals and questions, obtaining relevant data from you, analyzing it and providing you with solutions and/or options.  I will assist you with implementation of my recommendations as you request.

I will use data and assumptions provided by you to give you advice on which I will base my recommendations.  My planning will necessitate close communication between us and I assure you that all information will be maintained in the strictest of confidence.  My Privacy Policy can be reviewed on my website or by contacting me.  You agree to provide me with accurate, reliable and complete financial information, and you will indemnify me and my firm for errors and/or omissions in work resulting from your failure to do so.

I am not a licensed investment counsellor; therefore, any investment recommendations will be limited to those concerned with strategies for portfolio mix, liquidity, risk profile, and similar issues.  I will not recommend buying or selling specific investment products, nor advise on timing of changing your portfolio composition.  I also do not provide legal advice.  I will, however, co-ordinate my services with an investment counsellor, lawyer or other professional of your choosing, if you wish.  I encourage you to recognize the importance of implementing any strategies we determine and reviewing your financial planning on a regular basis.

My fees are based solely on the time required for the engagement, including any time needed for research, meetings and correspondence.  The hourly rate will be at a rate of $195 per hour, plus taxes, unless you are otherwise advised in writing.  I receive no commissions or finders’ fees from any source for product sales.  I appreciate the opportunity to assist you with your personal financial planning needs.

Yours truly,
Blair Corkum

Please initial your choice with respect to receiving a written summary of our discussions, and sign in the space provided as your acknowledgement of the above information.

I agree with your understanding of the terms of your engagement as set out in this letter, and consent to your use of my personal information in accordance with your privacy statement.

______(initial) I / we do wish to have a written report for the advice received.

______(initial) I / we do not wish to have a written report for the advice received.

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Blair Corkum, CPA, CA, R.F.P., CFP, CFDS, CLU, CHS holds his Chartered Professional Accountant, Chartered Accountant, Registered Financial Planner, Chartered Financial Divorce Specialist as well as several other financial planning related designations. Blair offers hourly based fee-only personal financial planning, holds no investment or insurance licenses, and receives no commissions or referral fees. This publication should not be construed as legal or investment advice. It is neither a definitive analysis of the law nor a substitute for professional advice which you should obtain before acting on information in this article. Information may change as a result of legislation or regulations issued after this article was written.©Blair Corkum