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Hourly-based fee-only advice (“Fee for Service”)

Specializing in objective fee only financial planning and financial divorce counselling without commissions and referral fees, often called “fee for service” (as opposed to percentage fees based on assets under management)

I am now on my summer work schedule, which means that I do not have regular office hours and may be away for a week at a time for vacation.  I am not taking on any new assignments until the fall but will be checking emails periodically.  If you have a quick question, feel free to pop me an email.  However, if you require assistance immediately and want to find another fee-only financial planner or financial divorce specialist during my absence, visit my Contact page and scroll to the bottom to find a referral link to find other professionals. 

Offering Individual Meetings and Group Seminars

You are looking for my help if you are:

  • An individual looking for an objective opinion on your investment diversification and insurance coverage, as well as for advice on your tax, retirement, estate or other financial matters.
  • Individuals who are separating and want to understand your financial situation, and /or couples who are trying to work together to understand your financial situation and want to reach a fair settlement for equalization of family assets and payment of child and/or spousal support.
  • A senior looking for advice on protecting your wealth, including advice on passing your assets to the next generation, on your Last Will and Testament, and/or looking for help after the death of a loved one in handling the final taxes and estate settlement.
  • A business owner wanting to offer financial literacy seminars to employee groups or offer individual counselling as part of an employee assistance program (EAP).  Or you may be a non-profit organization wanting to educate your directors and/or members.  The basics of investing, understanding financial statements, tax planning, basic retirement advice, etc. are all useful topics.

Explore my web site to find financial “knowledge” about personal financial planning, including income tax planning, marriage breakdown and business matters, as well as my credentials, experience, and my approach to helping clients.  In addition, see some miscellaneous items, such as tourist info, on my News and Other tab.

My goal is to provide you with financial planning for a balanced lifestyle.  You need to enjoy today while saving for tomorrow.  I want to offer solutions that are practical, understandable and objective based on my experience, education, and interest in your well-being, with a commitment to integrity and lifelong learning. I will provide my services in a sensitive, discreet fashion on an hourly fee basis without receipt of commissions or referral fees of any kind.

Please contact me if you wish some personal advice, if you have a comment or question on my web site, or would like an educational presentation to a non-profit organization or employee group.