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Questions To Ask Before Buying a Mutual Fund

Many investors purchase mutual funds without fully understanding the nature, risks and benefits of these products. Individuals who spend hours and days evaluating the purchase of a household appliance costing $500 will often invest $10,000 without any research at all. The questions in this document are designed to assist you in making a decision which will significantly affect your future financial position, and possibly determine whether you can attain your goals and dreams.

Any qualified investment advisor will have the answers readily available for these questions, and be pleased to answer and explain them, so you should not hesitate to ask. When doubt exists,  you should seek a second opinion or an alternate investment. Remember, its your money, which you worked very hard to earn – don’t lose it!

In addition to the following questions, you should see my related articles if you find that you have a lot of bond funds, balanced funds and global/international funds.

Download Questions to Ask Before Buying A Mutual Fund in PDF format.

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