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Understanding Financial Statements for Support Purposes

To determine child and spousal support, income of the payer(s) must be determined.  Where self-employment or corporate income is involved, this determination becomes quite complex.  I wrote this article in 2000 to assist you in gaining some understanding of how to read financial statements and tax returns.  In this way, hopefully you can interpret the information to calculate income, or to judge someone else’s calculation.  Click below for the PDF file.

Understanding Financial Statements and Tax Returns for Support, originally published in 2000

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Blair Corkum, CPA, CA, R.F.P., CFP, CFDS, CLU, CHS holds his Chartered Professional Accountant, Chartered Accountant, Registered Financial Planner, Chartered Financial Divorce Specialist as well as several other financial planning related designations. Blair offers hourly based fee-only personal financial planning, holds no investment or insurance licenses, and receives no commissions or referral fees. This publication should not be construed as legal or investment advice. It is neither a definitive analysis of the law nor a substitute for professional advice which you should obtain before acting on information in this article. Information may change as a result of legislation or regulations issued after this article was written.©Blair Corkum